An introduction to experimental 16mm film-making focused on the camera as a critical aspect of the working method. Which techniques can you use to shoot differently? How can simple technical matters and specifics of the medium, along with aesthetical choices, open up film spaces for personal expression?
LaborBerlin members Natalia Fentisova and Maja Milic will provide you not only with the fundamentals of the Bolex camera, the shooting process, and hand-developing, but also a way of thinking and opening up the creative potential with the premise – it’s not only about operating a machine but learning and interacting with it.
On the first day, we will look into the choices one needs to make before starting to make a film and the essential practical functions of the H16 Bolex Reflex camera. We will learn how to use the camera’s possibilities to create effects like multiple exposures, masking, stop/slow/fast motion, animating, in-camera dissolves, experiments with duration, etc. We will finally shoot improvisations on the spot using black and white reversal film. The idea is that the editing happens in the camera, so you will either make a precise plan of how to shoot or leave it to randomness and coincidence. Plus, you will be encouraged to see the limit of a camera roll as an advantage.
On the second day, we will hand-process your films, and project, and analyze the results.
The workshop is suitable for beginners.


Bolex in-camera effects, taught by Alix Blevins & Natalia Fentisova at LaborBerlin on 12-20 of May 2018. This workshop was focused on using mechanisms and settings such as the rewind, frame rate, variable shutter and fade to create optical effects such as double exposures, time lapses, animation editing, and more.
We had one full-day session, in which we went over the features of the camera, discussed approaches and techniques, viewed examples, and finally shot and developed a test roll. Each participant received a 25-meter roll of film to shoot during the week. The following weekend we had two full-day sessions during which we developed films in groups, discussed some basic editing techniques, and finally viewed the work. This workshop was for beginners.